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Pastoral Care


At Port Regis, each individual child matters, and we take the responsibility of caring for all our children extremely seriously.

We firmly believe that a happy child is a productive one and as such we work tirelessly to ensure that there is a nurturing atmosphere in which each child feels secure, happy and positively engaged with the world about them. Port Regis’s secure and happy environment is achieved both formally through the Tutor System and Houseparents, and informally through the positive relationships the children are encouraged to build with all the adults at the school.

The Tutor System forms a vital link between the family and the school. The Tutor is readily available to talk to you about any matter, pastoral or academic. This system is closely modelled on a senior school system and is rare in prep schools, but we believe it is the key to the happiness of the child and the success of the pastoral care at Port Regis.

We have high expectations of our pupils’ behaviour and make no excuses for expecting high standards. Good manners and consideration for others are values that are fundamental to life at Port Regis, and the happy atmosphere at the school fosters a friendly relationship with both adults and one another. The common sense approach to discipline produces young people who do not associate school and authority with that which is intimidating and oppressive. Each child is encouraged to develop his or her individuality and to learn that personal freedom involves responsibility to others.

Our mission is to provide a physical, emotional and intellectual environment, in which every child can fulfil his or her potential. Traditional and modern, we aim to provide each child with an understanding of the wisdom of the ancients and the technology of tomorrow’s world. We foster a strong work ethic, helping our children to become a credit to themselves, their parents and their school, with the confidence to make decisions and the courage to say no.

Henry Marshall
Director of Pastoral Care

"Pupils' moral development is excellent. From an early age they demonstrate a clear sense of right and wrong. Their behaviour is excellent and they have a strong concept of moral and ethical values."

ISI Integrated Inspection 2014

Senior schools comment on Port Regis pupils' confidence and independence.
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