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Pastoral Care


Alongside the development of academic skills, children in the Pre-Prep are helped to learn important interpersonal skills such as teamwork, consideration for others and thinking for themselves. High standards of personal behaviour are actively encouraged, with particular importance being placed on kindness and developing happy relationships with other children.

Our aim is to create a positive and stimulating environment in which children are motivated to learn and reach their full potential. When a child is successful their self-esteem increases, as does their tenacity and resilience. They are also actively encouraged to value and respect others and to work as part of a group.

We like to think of the Pre-Prep as being very family-orientated and are keen to develop good working relationships with families. Parents are encouraged to share in their children’s learning and be part of the school through class assemblies, Friends of Port Regis social events and daily contact with class teachers. Grandparents are also a very important part of Pre-Prep school life and are always welcome. Our Grandparents’ Day is a wonderful event in the school calendar.