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Motcombe Park Sports Club

The Next Step


The Pre-Prep works closely with the Prep School. An admissions policy operates between the two and all pupils are prepared for the move up to the Prep School at the end of Year 2, thus ensuring a consistent education. 

We aim to make this transition as smooth and as easy as possible for you and your child. During their time in the Pre-Prep, the children will already have experienced the Lower School staff, visited the school every day for lunch or sport and are familiar with the site. The children in Year 2 are also encouraged to think about being organised and to take care of their own belongings in preparation for joining Year 3 when they will be expected to have more responsibility in finding their way around the school and being ready for lessons.

A Welcome Day is held during the Summer Term to give Year 2 parents an idea of what changes to expect. New parents of children joining Year 3 in the following September also attend and it’s a great opportunity to meet others, as well as getting more of an insight into what to expect from the school day. The children also have a "Moving Up" day when they will have an introduction to Year 3 with their new teachers.