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Maths is not just about 'doing sums'. At Port Regis we encourage practical investigation and hands-on maths, utilising the latest resources and technology. There is plenty of discussion and children are encouraged to become curious, independent learners. 

We believe in learning through concrete and pictorial work before moving on to the abstract level of learning. The schemes of work at Port Regis give children the opportunity to:

  • develop an appreciation and awareness of mathematics in many aspects of life
  • achieve a high standard of numeracy and develop other mathematical skills
  • feel confident in the use of mathematics to solve problems, both real and theoretical
  • discuss and explain mathematical concepts using the appropriate language
  • approach the challenge of mathematics with enthusiasm and enjoyment

Rapid academic progression is vital at Port Regis, where we set classes by ability from the E Form (Year 4). Higher sets are stretched with more challenging material while individual extra maths lessons are offered to those who need more support.

The department also subscribes to  - a fully interactive, web-based mathematics learning resource which helps chuildren to develop their understanding of maths through online lessons, alongside a variety of engaging activities, games and assessments with instant feedback.– it can also be accessed by children from home during the holidays.

Head of Maths: Rebecca Eves BEd(Hons)