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In the Port Regis Science Department we aim to fuel the pupils’ curiosity and enthusiasm by showing them in every lesson how everything that happens in their everyday lives is underpinned and explained by science. We want them not only to make rapid academic progress but also to enjoy learning about science. We do this by incorporating as much practical work as possible in our three laboratories.

Science is taught in the laboratory from the F Form (Year 3). Children are taught in topics and cover all elements of the ISEB syllabus in preparation for Common Entrance at 13+. Pupils who follow the scholarship course are pushed to a higher level, often including concepts which feature on the GCSE syllabus. This has led to some very impressive results in recent academic scholarship papers submitted by Portregians.

Teaching staff will endeavour to develop a set of attitudes in the pupils which promote scientific ways of thinking. These include open-mindedness, perseverance, objectivity and recognition of the value of teamwork, especially in practical experiments.

The Head of Science is James Hardy. Before coming to Port Regis in 2013, James taught GCSE Science for twelve years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Exeter University.

Senior schools comment on Port Regis pupils' confidence and independence.
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