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Our first aim is to encourage a love of the subject and to open up the wonder and magic of the past.

History is packed with excitement, drama, mystery, action, danger, romance and any number of grisly details. Children can indulge their imagination and curiosity from the security and comfort of the 21st century, as they uncover our extraordinary past. This fascination should never leave them.

We take a pride in our lively lessons. Six energetic teachers make up the Department, each bringing particular passions.

We match our learning objectives to a long list of stimulating activities. For example, pupils:

  • ...are invited to a Victorian tea party
  • ...might make a Viking longship
  • ...imagine being evacuees
  • ...are visited by a Roman Legionary
  • scenes from 1066, in replica Norman mail and helmets (sorry, no horses.)
  • ...write to a cousin in Boston, Massachusetts, from London in 1666
  • a longbow and arrows in the field with an expert

We also take groups of children out on visits to historical sites, allowing them that extra dimension. Visits regularly include:

  • Tutankhamun Exhibition
  • Rockbourne Roman Villa
  • Shaftesbury Abbey
  • Old Sarum
  • Salisbury Cathedral
  • Wardour Castle
  • The Mary Rose
  • Buckler’s Hard Maritime Museum
  • HMS Victory
  • SS Great Britain
  • Bovington Tank Museum.

When the subject is interesting, hard work is rewarding. At Port Regis, History lessons should often be fun and should always be interesting. Children are encouraged to question and to discuss. The pupils’ own research forms an important part of the curriculum at each stage.

The Head of History is Leslie Smith. Leslie’s love of history took him from Ladybird books to a Cambridge scholarship, then on to Head of History and Deputy Head elsewhere before being lured to Port Regis. He is proud to have taught a winner of the prestigious Townsend-Warner prize.

It’s difficult to find fault with Port Regis.
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