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Modern Foreign Languages


Learning another language is not just about being able to ask for an ice cream on holiday. With bilingualism proving to bring additional benefits such as improvement in critical thinking, increased creativity as well as encouraging pupils to become more open minded. We know that the skills that pupils are gaining at Port Regis will be a great advantage to them in the future. In an increasingly multicultural world we believe that it is critical for us to provide our students with a solid linguistic ability in order to prepare them for an international platform.

All our children study either French or Spanish up to Common Entrance and many take up the opportunity to study Mandarin or Japanese in their own time with our visiting teachers. B form are offered the opportunity to take part in a cultural trip abroad to hone their language skills and to put into practice what they have seen in lessons.

The ability to speak a foreign language gives one the upper hand as it shows a willingness to embrace other cultures and step outside one’s comfort zone. It can open up a world of opportunities and it shows a desire to communicate with other people and understand their history. It can provide students with what will later be a competitive edge in the job market as well as improving skills such as listening and memory. By communicating with people in their own language you are opening yourself up to deeper connections as well as cross-cultural friendships. Furthermore it can offer an ability to reflect on one’s own culture from a more critical perspective.

We hope that our teaching here speaks to both the heads and the hearts of our pupils. It gives great satisfaction to see – in exams – that their heads have taken on board the expectations of their senior schools and we have seen some excellent results in the French and Spanish Common Entrance exams over the past few years. It gives even greater pleasure to see that many pupils have also taken a foreign language to their hearts, using their newly acquired language skills whilst abroad with family or on school trips. We provide our pupils with a safe environment where they can build their confidence in speaking a foreign language in the hope that they will then use and enjoy it outside of the classroom too.

The Head of MFL is Mrs Naomi Dickins. Naomi joined Port Regis in 2015 after completing her PGCE from UCL and is a bilingual French teacher. 

If anyone is going to bring out what your child is good at, Port Regis will.
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