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Pastoral Care & Boarding


We believe the individual care that boys and girls receive at Port Regis is second to none.

Our dedicated team of staff play an essential role implementing the carefully structured pastoral programme which is an integral part of our school life. Each pupil’s well-being and personal progress is carefully monitored and children are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of school life, both in and out of the classroom. By doing so they discover their own interests and passions, thus developing their individuality and a healthy self-esteem.

As a school, we work hard to develop children’s inter-personal skills and there is strong emphasis placed on good manners, kindness and consideration for others.

For the boarders, Houseparents and boarding staff provide an extra layer of care and attention, enhancing the "home from home" atmosphere that pervades the school. Boarding is at the very heart of a Port Regis education and we have children who board from local, national and international families.

"Pupil's personal development is excellent. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is strong: they respect each other and collaborate very well."

"The boarding provision is of high quality and the outcomes for pupils are excellent"

ISI Integrated Inspection 2014


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