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Tutor System


The long-established tutor system at Port Regis is fundamental to the way we look after children here. The relationship between tutor and tutee is a very special one – each party enjoying and benefiting from the contact with the other.

Tutors take a profound interest in every aspect of their tutee’s progress at school, offering support and guidance wherever they can, and acting as the liaison hub for staff and parents in all matters concerning the tutee. The tutee in turn may come to regard the tutor as something of a proxy parent, and should feel happy to discuss any matters of importance with him/her. The tutor’s brief is wide-ranging: he/she will take an interest in academic and sporting matters, in friendships and social issues, in hobbies and music, drama and art.

We have formal extended periods in which tutors and tutees have time to meet and discuss important matters, but the relationship is ongoing throughout the week. The tutor will often sit with the tutee at lunch, may catch up for a chat between lessons or in break, and will certainly make every effort to watch the tutee in matches, and to see his/her progress in the artistic, musical and dramatic spheres. The tutor also reads and acts upon the tutee’s half-term effort grades and end of term reports, and will write a further summary of the tutee’s progress every term.

The best tutors – and we have many of them - are those who demonstrate profound knowledge of all matters pertaining to a tutee’s life, and at its best the system rewards both the tutor and tutee in equal measure.