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Motcombe Park Sports Club

Grosvenor (girls aged 11 to 13)


In Grosvenor, we aim to help the girls to become more independent so that they leave for their senior schools as confident, polite young women who have had the chance to fulfil important roles in a boarding community. Many of them are appointed as dorm captains and act as big sisters to the younger Year 7 girls coming into the house.

There is a family atmosphere created by having dormitories running off a central common room, and connected to the houseparents’ flat, with the girls having their own cubie (individual space) with a bed, cupboard, basin and desk.

There are four dorms: Faith, Hope, Charity and Joy. Each term the girls switch dorms in order to make as many friends as possible and gain experience living with different sorts of people.

The girls’ house is also their home, so getting the right balance between work, play and relaxation is essential. In the evenings the girls are expected to perform certain tasks to keep the house running smoothly. They are also given plenty of time to relax and simply be with their friends, while games, activities and movie nights are organised across the week. Each girl is given half an hour’s reading before lights out to help them unwind after the busy Port Regis day.

Grosvenor Houseparents: Miss Sophie Phillips and Miss Amie Cull 

Sophie is Head of Girls' Games with a love of sport, music and baking. Amie works on the Pastoral team and has a passion for swimming.  Grosvenor has a vibrant and upbeat feel where the girls are allowed to relax as well as being extremely well cared for. 

Helping the Houseparents with the organisation within the House are the resident girl Gaps, who also make sure there is lots of fun too!