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Huxley (girls aged 7 to 11)


Huxley is a happy and relaxed boarding house for girls aged 7 to 11, with carefully selected A Form (Year 8) ‘captains’ also resident to help look after the younger children in the dorms.

The house is named after Margaret Huxley (1856-1940), the pioneer of scientific nursing in Ireland who provided the highest level of support to the children and adults in her care. In the boarding house we strive to follow in her footsteps. We have high expectations of the girls and the awarding of daily dorm marks is one of the many ways they are encouraged to be tidy and look after themselves and their belongings.

Huxley is a real home from home. The House has recently been refurbished to a very high standard and runs along an 'L' shaped floor with the main bathroom facilities upstairs. There is ample room to play and have talent or dance shows in the evenings (a highly popular pastime) as well as a beautiful sitting room and a snug for the junior girls to relax in. 

Though the facilities are excellent, what we are most proud of is the family atmosphere and warmth. Our lovely Gap students, whom the girls see as big sisters, help to create that atmosphere and help the girls to learn how to take care of themselves and their possessions.

Huxley Houseparents: Miss Lottie Tichy and Miss Claudia Knight

Lottie Tichy teaches English and enjoys reading, music and gymnastics, as well as reading with the girls each evening. She also loves walking her new dog Billy, a very welcome addition to Huxley.

Claudia Knight teaches drama, PE and games as well as being a Huxley houseparent. She and her young daughter, Dottie, are fresh from the British Virgin Islands ready to spread sunshine within Huxley. Claudia loves creative arts, dance, drama and art which is perfect as so do the Junior girls. 

They are ably assisted by the two resident girl gaps who, among other things, will patiently plait hair for hours on end!