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Motcombe Park Sports Club

Prichard Hall (boys aged 11 to 13)


Prichard Hall is home to our A and B Form boys. The house comprises six dorms each accommodating up to ten boys and named after towns in Thomas Hardy’s fictional county of Wessex.

Each boy has his own private space known as his ‘cubie’. Within their cubies the boys have their own sink, desk and bed but more importantly their own personal space which gives them a degree of independence.

Boys who show high standards of behaviour and organisation are appointed as Dorm Captains. This honour, which must be earned, comes with a number of privileges and presents deserving boys with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Evening routines are varied and the boys get the opportunity to involve themselves in activities organised by the resident house staff. The wonderful loft conversion gives them plenty of space to let off steam, while also providing quieter areas for work and music practice. There is a games room for table football, table tennis and pool. We also have a cinema room with 60 inch television for our ever-popular movie nights with lashings of popcorn and hot chocolate.

Prichard Hall Houseparents: Mr James Hardy, Mrs Jennie Hardy and Mr Dan Stone

James is Head of Science and lives in Prichard with his wife Jennie, who is Head of MFL, and their two children who also attend Port Regis. Jennie is very much the mother figure while James takes the lead with duties and day-to-day issues. James' fun nature and love of fishing, gardening and card games means the boys will never be bored!

Dan works in the Pre Prep but manages to also relate very well to our older boys. He has a love of football and his cheerful smile and lively personality fit perfectly with life in Prichard.

Helping the boys have fun and organise themselves are the resident Gaps who are happy to play football, snooker and table tennis for hours on end!.