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Motcombe Park Sports Club

Talbot (boys aged 7 to 11)


Talbot is the 'home from home' for our junior boys aged 7-11. There they have a snug and sitting room, as well as a games room and a separate games and common room for the more senior boys. There are six very light and comfortable dormitories.

Children need structure and routine (at home and at school), but they also like fun! Whilst of course fun can be had at home, most children are sociable creatures and fun is often best shared with friends. In Talbot the younger boys can relax in the evenings by “chilling”, reading, listening to music, socialising with friends and playing games (we have pool, table football, air hockey and more). We are also known for our X Factor competitions, Halloween nights, talent shows and House parties.

To whom do the boys turn if they have a worry? Well, perhaps most naturally, their parents via email or Skype. They can do this every day if they want, but most of them are too busy and forget! Some prefer the Gap year students (like an older brother/sister) or their Dorm Captain, handpicked from the top year group to help the younger boys settle into the Port Regis routines. We also have our own independent listener. Each boy has a huge range of people to choose from if he needs support.

Talbot Houseparents: Mr Phil Lawrence and Mrs Vicky Potts 

Both Phil and Vicky have been on the staff at Port Regis for many years and know the school inside out. Phil teaches Life Skills (PSHE) and History. Outside of school his main passion is Arsenal FC and he makes no attempt to hide it. Vicky is calm, infinitely patient and utterly unflappable. Boys often struggle with their organisational skills and tend to lose clothes, books and other possessions - Vicky finds them.

Assisting in the House are our two Gaps who make sure the boys have lots of fun as well as helping them to keep their dorms tidy!