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Life Skills


The Life Skills programme is a part of the pastoral care provision at Port Regis, all of which comes under the auspices of the Director of Pastoral Care.

The intention is to provide a programme of education that underpins the overall ethos and values of the school and supports the pastoral provision provided by the Deputy Head (Pastoral), the Head of Boarding, Tutors, Houseparents, Form Teachers and other staff as well as that which is delivered in forums such as assemblies and school services.

We want to expose the children, as appropriate to age and ability, to the significant life opportunities as well as threats that they may face especially during their childhood and teenage years as well as to encourage discussion, the sharing of views and the development of tolerance and understanding. The programme of study has also been put together to enable children access to information preparing them to make informed choices about their own life and the impact those decisions may have on others. The cultivation of good morals, consideration for others, taking responsibility, awareness, kindness, courtesy, honesty and manners are what we aim to instil in our children.

This is a prep school with public-school facilities.
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