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Headmaster's Welcome


I feel very privileged to be the Headmaster of this wonderful school. Port Regis has a long-standing reputation as one of the great Prep schools of the country, a reputation that has been achieved due to our outstanding teaching and results, superb pastoral care and academic, sporting and musical facilities. Yet for all these successes, what strikes me the most is what a friendly place it is. It is this warmth and character that creates happy, lasting memories and makes the school such an exceptional environment in which to live and work, for children and staff alike.

Port Regis is a place where the range and depth of opportunities on offer combine to create an environment where children can develop and excel in so many ways. We pride ourselves on securing our boys and girls Scholarship and Common Entrance places at a broad range of wonderful senior schools, both local and throughout the country.

While these achievements are important, we recognise that success comes in all shapes and sizes. We aim to equip our children not only with academic skills, but also with the qualities of character that will see them through their lives beyond school. We want them to thrive in the rapidly changing, complex world of today where they will need to be adaptable, resilient and resourceful. These life skills are equally as important as academic ones and we hold great store in them here at Port Regis.

I also passionately believe that boys and girls only have one chance at a childhood and we do everything we can to enable them to relish these precious years. There is always plenty of time left during their busy day for the children to play with friends and to develop their imagination.  We manage internet access extremely carefully and mobile phones, as well as social media, are not allowed. The moral framework of the school is also defined by clear, traditional values and we seek to develop quietly confident individuals who understand the importance of kindness, good manners and respect for others at all times.

My wife Amanda and I would be delighted to meet you and show you what makes Port Regis such an exceptional place.

Stephen Ilett


Prior to his appointment at Port Regis, Stephen was Headmaster at Milbourne Lodge in Surrey, a position he held for five and a half years. Before taking over at Milbourne Lodge, he spent eight years at Caldicott in Buckinghamshire. Stephen spent eighteen years in the City at Lloyd’s of London, reaching the level of board director, before moving into education. He read Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford, and played rugby for the University’s 1st XV. Stephen and his wife, Amanda, have five children between them and live at the school.

If anyone is going to bring out what your child is good at, Port Regis will.
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